Hello and Welcome to Grateful Dreads!

If you have a question about hair, please call the salon or send an email to sandybambihair@gmail.com.  I’m always happy to talk!

Meet the Stylists of Grateful Dreads!



 I founded Grateful Dreads to provide a place where all types of clients can feel welcome.  This salon offers an intimate experience where you truly are the most valued customer. You can bring your own music or choose what to play while you’re here.  You can bring a friend or come alone.  Grateful Dreads is a private setting and easily tailored to meet your needs.  Complete privacy is available upon request!

Grateful Dreads has become a destination spot.  I’ve worked on people who have traveled from as far as Hawaii.  It’s quite common for someone to travel three hours or more for my work.  Located in Kerrytown, the salon sees many graduate students and Ann Arbor locals for appointments.  U of M undergrads like the location because it gives them a reason to walk through this side of town.

My name is Sandy, and I’ve been a hairdresser for almost 20 years.  I love to create wild, avant garde, and experimental looks, and I love to create classic and contemporary, professional looking hairstyles.  I am a leader in the local fashion industry and love to create trends.  My passion is creating your vision, professionally.  I have extremely high standards for the quality of your hair and your salon experience.  I cater to your highest needs while providing the best cut, color, and styling techniques for your hair.

In my journey as a hairstylist I’ve been fortunate to learn from leaders and specialists of many talents including curly hair, asian hair, extensions, clipper work, threading, photo and stage work, and of course dreads and locs.  Over time and with much practice, I have become a leader myself.

My specialties are listed below with links to more detailed information and pictures of my work.

Cut / Color / Style

Dreads / Locs


Curly Hair

Clipper Work

Asian Hair


Modeling / Editorial Work

You can view my recent work on my photo blog.  Thank you!


I am a professional and can design a hairstyle for you that works with your hair type and meets your daily needs.  I love playing with hair.  Every aspect of it.  I look forward to meeting you!

Grateful Dreads

Sandy Bambi now at Grateful Dreads!

To view my original photo blog click here.

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  1. At GRATEFUL DREADS I was greeted with warmth and walked away feeling fresh and renewed with a beautiful cut. Sandy restored my super dry hair to a Silky New and rejuvenated my growing-out half-shaved do. Many Thanks!

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